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Видеонаблюдение через интернет WebGlazok.телефон

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to make confirmation popup dialog box not appear when my phone makes connection or camera capture?

You should download and install signed WebGlazok.telefon Java application. You also need to grant all permissions to WebGlazok.telefon application («allow, never ask»).

2. Application works fine for some time, but then it stops to process commands and transmit images to internet. What is the problem?

Some cell phones loose internet connection after several hours of continious work and can not restore connection any more. To restore GPRS/3G connection you need to exit Java application and start it again. It is very annoying to do it manual. WebGlazok.telefon can do it automatically. You need to set connection timeout in WebGlazok.telefon settings menu. You also need use signed application and grant autostart Java permission for WebGlazok.telefon midlet.

3. After some time of working the following error appears: «Camera test failed. Please restart application and try another camera encoding and resolution settings»

If you get this error after WebGlazok.telefon camera was started it means that your mobile can not capture images too fast. Please try to encrease camera interval and movement sensor interval. If you get this error while testing your camera it means that you need to change camera encoding and resolution and restart application.

4. I have problem installing signed (by Thawte) WebGlazok.telefon application on my mobile.

There are other ways to sign Java midlet. You can create a handmake certificate and upload it to your phone. You can find alternative java signing methods on internet forums. You can also change your cell phone firmware, sometimes it helps. Or you can use standart version of WebGlazok.telefon application with some limitations.

5. How to turn camera shuttle off?

Unfortunately Java application have no access to camera shutter sound settings. Mobile phone manufactors do not allow to turn camera sound off to provide private life security. Some cell phones turn camera shuttle sound off when you switch your phone to silent mode (ie. SonyEricsson). If you planning to use a phone only as a WebGlazok.telefon security camera you can remove phone speaker.