- mobile security CCTV system
Видеонаблюдение через интернет WebGlazok.телефон


You can download, install and use WebGlazok.telefon system for free. You need to pay only for internet traffic (GPRS, EDGE or 3G). Transfering one image snapshot takes about 30-50 Kb, it is cheap enough. Plus the camera uses about 1-2 Mb per day for processing commands and for keeping connection alive. Most mobile network opeators offer monthly unlimited web plans starting from $10 per month. We recommend using unlimited web plans.

There is only one limit in free version of WebGlazok.telefon Java application — you can open only 3 images per day in full size. You can see other images as thumbsnails, but you can zoom only 3 per day. To remove limits you need to activate your account. Activation fee is $12.99 for 3 months or $33.99 for a year. You can use up to 3 cameras on your account. Snapshots are stored on server for 1 week.